Posted by: rosler28 | January 23, 2008

Sun buy MySQL: Open source works

It’s great news for the open source industry that MySQL has been bought by a major enterprise player for $1billion.  If you’ve worked with open source software you know it can work in the Enterprise environment just as well as any closed source software.  Maybe we weren’t sure if there was a business model that made sense for the software, but now the MySQL purchase highlights a visible exit strategy:

  1. on a very low budget develop great software that people want to use
  2. make it easily available
  3. develop a community
  4. soon enough your software will get into the enterprise – try and enable free feedback mechanisms to keep track of who is using the software
  5. try and earn money from support/pro services to pay the bills (i know this is much easier said than done)
  6. eventually one day you’ll find lots of Fortune 500 companies using your software
  7. when that happens big existing IT players buy you up for a billion

So in a totally specualtive mood who could be next down the road?  Digium? SugarCRM? Nagios?  I bet you haven’t heard of Nagios but I’m willing to wager 8/10 network administators sure have, along with established software companies such as Tivoli and CA.   


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