Posted by: rosler28 | January 15, 2008

Macworld today

Plenty of speculation over the past few days on what Steve Jobs could announce today at Macworld. As a recent Mac customer (24 inch imac and ipod touch) I’d be interested to see a tablet released pitched somewhere between the touch/iphone and the low end macbook. The tablet could have 13inch touchscreen, full Leopard OS, wireless and maybe have some ability to link to an imac desktop (for itunes, storage, etc). I’m guessing this would have to be priced around the £400 – £450 mark, I could see plenty of uses for such a device in business but not sure how many consumers would buy it – after all such a size would be too big to be portable and why not just pay a bit more for the macbook?

I’d like to see an updated iphone, with 3G support, a developers SDK, GPS and a smaller depth profile would be perfect.

Only a few more hours to wait…


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