Posted by: rosler28 | January 11, 2008

Cisco Entertainment Operating System

Reports in CNET and Mashable suggest that Cisco are driving the IP/brainpower bought from and Five Across down a service provider route rather than enterprise by developing a specific software suite for Internet content providers currently named Enterprise Operating System. Cisco haven’t released any real detail as yet on EOS but Mashable and CNet suggest EOS will sit on Cisco servers and for a monthly fee will monitor user social networking interaction within community sites. The aim of the software is not only to provide monitoring of users interaction with a site but also provide high value services such as pushing Ads and content recommendation to the users.

I wonder if EOS will be an open or closed source system. Cisco understandably like to provide hardened closed source software for their enterprise market yet social networking software is often based on APIs and open standards. Could for instance Cisco plug in the Matchmine Matchkey into their service offer or would Matchmine be seen as a direct threat?

Should be quite interesting to see an official announcement from Cisco but I do hope they don’t exclude the enterprise from their drive to social networking, companies would love to see CallManager provide a full, integrated unified communications device.


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